Patrick Eagle

Principal peagle@mwusd.org

Sue Madura

Office Manager smadura@mwusd.org

Wendy Costa

Office Assistant

Sonya Gonzalez

Transitional Kindergarten sgonzalez@mwusd.org

Cati Day

Kindergarten cday@mwusd.org 

Jane Frye

Kindergarten jfrye@mwusd.org

Jennifer Rush

Kindergarten jrush@mwusd.org

Karen Kovacevich

Kindergarten kkovacevich@mwusd.org

Emily Johnston

First Grade ejohnston@mwusd.org

Jackie Reitenbach

First Grade jreitenbach@mwusd.org  


Anna Alcozer

First Grade aalcozer@mwusd.org

Lisl Christie

Second Grade lchristie@mwusd.org 

Linda Coleman

Second Grade lcoleman@mwusd.org

Crystal Hartis

Second Grade chartis@mwusd.org 

Joan Seitz

Third Grade jseitz@mwusd.org

Brenda Shatto

Third Grade bshatto@mwusd.org

Christie Watkins

Third Grade cwatkins@mwusd.org 

Carrie Staten

Fourth Grade cstaten@mwusd.org 

Davy Dijoux

Fourth Grade

Shannon Bourdage

Fifth Grade sbourdage@mwusd.org    


Doug Day

Fifth Grade dday@mwusd.org

Kaley Andersen

Sixth Grade kandersen@mwusd.org 

John Menth

Sixth Grade


Lionel Cooper

Carmen de Loza

English Learners cdeloza@mwusd.org

Victoria Cratty

Librarian vcratty@mwusd.org  


Kara Kaufman

Angela Somawang

Psychologist asomawang@mwusd.org

Angela Claypool

Resource Specialist aclaypool@mwusd.org

Suzanne Calloway

Reading Specialist scalloway@mwusd.org     

Carolyn Alarie

Special Day Class calarie@mwusd.org     


We moved here when Aubrey was in 1st grade, days before winter break. She was very upset about us moving and I was so nervous for her shy little self to start at a new school mid year. Aubrey ended up in Jackie Reitenbach’s class and it could not have been a smoother transition. We’ve felt so blessed since day one to be surrounded by so many wonderful teachers who have treated my kids like their own. Thankful to be apart of such a wonderful community.
Breanne Bush